Money Coaching


Millennial money coaching via in-person or virtual sessions.

Power Hour

 Ok so not exactly the power hour from your glory days of college, but I promise you will wake up thanking yourself for participating in this one.

Over the course of roughly 1 hour we will meet, chat, and discuss strategy for your financial life. You will fill out a questionnaire beforehand so that this meeting can be as powerful as possible.

Following our power hour together, you will receive a follow-up e-mail with everything necessary written out for you and your personalized and immediate action steps.

Post-Grad Starter Pack

This is for all you 20-somethings who are just entering that post-grad/real life stage of life. The true value of working with a coach at this age is beyond belief. Making the right selections when it comes to job, salary, benefits, housing, and debt management will set you on a path to financial freedom. And I’m willing to bet you will beat your friends there.

We will analyze your student loan debt, your employer benefits package to make sure you aren’t leaving money on the table, your cash flow needs, and in turn come up with a strategy to hit your short-term and long-term goals.

Debt Buster

So you opened a couple of credit cards without totally understanding the effects. Or you signed off on a number of student loans at the ripe age of 18 without having a clue about what they meant for the rest of your adult life. Or worse… both.

If you are well aware that your debt is your #1 problem and that it needed ito be tackled yesterday, then let’s go ahead and start right there.

A Debt Buster session will focus solely around your debt, any and all forms of it. We will analyze it from multiple perspectives and factor in the emotional and psychological traits of your being. In the end we will come up with a systematic strategy that works specifically for you to pay off the debt. (And get your freedom back!)

Joint Forces

Making major moves in your romantic life? Congrats! Now let’s get real. Countless studies, and I’m willing to bet millions of first-hand experiences, have shown that money is the leading cause of stress in relationships. In addition a study by Ally Bank found that 76 percent of respondents believe it is of moderate to high importance to find a significant other with a similar philosophy toward money and finances.

This package focuses entirely on developing an open conversation and a team strategy to handling finances as a couple. For example, tackling debt. Is it your debt, my debt, or our debt? Will you keep separate bank accounts? What’s the spending threshold before you need to consult the other person before making a purchase?

Life only gets more complicated as we get older so why not lay a strong foundation as young adults? As a money-mediator I will be here to ease stress, tension, and concerns over combining finances as a couple and planning for the future as a family.


Sometimes once isn’t enough. In that case, I will be here for you like Netflix is every night you get home from work, and like that Blue Apron package is waiting at your door.

For a monthly subscription fee, I will be here as your financial coach to guide you through life’s ups an downs. You’ll have access to me whenever you have a question or need assistance with a financial decision.

This service is great for someone who will be working on-going to pay off debt, prepare for a career or lifestyle change, or someone who just needs a guiding hand to consistently steer them in the right direction.



**DISCLAIMER: Sparkable Finance is not  a registered investment advisor. Investment advisory services are not offered.**