Sparkable Finance is the passion project of a millennial woman living and working in New York City. The mission of this project is to spark a conversation about financial literacy and the profound importance of it. This conversation may occur between you and me, between you and a friend, between you and a significant other, or most importantly, with yourself.

In a grander scheme, the mission is to empower an entire generation. We are young and time is on our side. Mistakes are correctable. It is much easier to to develop lifestyle and savings habits sooner than later. And have you heard of compounding? It can be your best friend or your worst enemy…let’s make it your new bff!

Having worked in the financial industry in Manhattan since graduating from college, I have seen and heard a lot. Almost exclusively, the companies I have worked at were geared towards the 1%, and often neglecting my fellow females.

From day one I found there to be a huge lack of guidance geared towards young adults. I even found myself resorting to e-mailing old finance professors from college asking them questions that started with “What should I do if…”

Luckily because of my background, career, and personal habits, I was able to set myself off on the right foot and get on pretty well. This isn’t true for a huge chunk of millennials though. Truthfully I would love to see personal finance be part of the standard curriculum starting in middle school. I think this would make an actual impact in our country.

To do my part, I hope I can share with all of you what I have learned thus far, what I have experienced, and refer you to those who know even more in order to spark something inside of you to take action to gain knowledge and control over your financial life.

Every single person’s financial life is different. Every single person’s psyche is different. Every single person’s situation and experience on this Earth is different. Therefore the content on this website is not a panacea for all financial woes. The content is a best effort to give you simplified information in a fun and meaningful manner. The intention is that you take this information and continue to do your own research and analyze against your own situation and finances. You are solely responsible for your own decisions and choices. There are absolutely no guarantees here.

**Sparkable Finance is not a registered investment advisor. Investment advisory services are not offered.**